How To Import Data Into Google Sheets From Another Sheet

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Of all of the G Suite web applications, Google Sheets may be the most impressive. Released in 2006, it quickly became a fierce competitor to stand up against Microsoft Excel […]

Slack Desktop App: What Are the Benefits of Using It?

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Slack is a powerful team collaboration platform with both a desktop and web based option on PC and Mac. The Slack desktop app is free to use and has mostly […]

HDG Explains : What Is a Computer Port & What Are They Used For?

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When you hear the term ‘computer port’, what do you think of? USB ports? TCP/IP ports? It can get confusing. There are two classes of ports – physical and virtual. […]

How To Plan a Custom PC Build – The Ultimate Guide for Dummies

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So you’ve heard that you can build a PC, but you have no idea how to do it, if you should do it and what (literally) goes into creating your […]

What Is The Best Linux Distro For Gaming?

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Microsoft Windows has always been the definitive platform for gaming, beating the likes of Mac OS at almost every turn. Generally, when you think of PC gaming, your first thought […]

Windows 10 Pro vs Home: What’s the Difference?

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Windows 10 is now the de-facto standard operating system for modern PCs. With support for Windows 7 ending and Windows 8.1 being particularly unpopular, the install base for Windows 10 […]

How To Uninstall Microsoft Store Apps

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The introduction of the Microsoft Store was one of the largest changes to Windows in modern history. This change was accentuated by one of the most controversial “upgrades” the operating […]

How To Delete Facebook Pages, Groups, and Accounts

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Social media can be a blessing. You get to stay connected to your nearest and dearest, engage with new friends and followers, and promote your business or brand to pull […]

How To Block Robocalls On Your Mobile Phone

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You’re just sitting down to supper and the phone rings. You want to ignore it. But maybe it’s work? Maybe it’s family or a friend in an emergency? No. It’s […]

The Best WiFi Analyzer Apps For Windows, iOS, macOS & Android

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WiFi is all around use these days. This wireless network technology can now be found not only in computers, but also in everyday items such as watches, TVs, fridges and […]