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How to Stop Steam From Opening on Startup

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The Steam gaming client is a great way to purchase, download, and play your favorite PC games, whether they’re AAA blockbusters or indie classics. If you’re a Steam beginner, however, […]

How to Recover Deleted Emails from Gmail

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Occasionally deleting unwanted or spam emails is a great way to clean an out-of-control inbox. Should you accidentally delete important emails or conversations while clearing out your Gmail inbox, we’ll […]

How to Create a YouTube Timestamp Link

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If you’re sharing a YouTube video with friends, but you’re looking to pinpoint a particular section of the video, you’ll need to use the video’s timestamp. You could share the […]

How to Save Battery on Chromebook: Top 7 Tips

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Although Chromebooks have incredible battery life, the Chrome operating system lacks built-in mechanisms (e.g. battery saver, low power mode, etc.) that help to prolong battery life. Nonetheless, there are ways […]

How to Fix Err_Too_Many_Redirects in Google Chrome

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An err_too_many_redirects error in Google Chrome is a sign that the webpage you’re trying to load is stuck in a redirection loop. If the number of redirects exceeds 20, Google […]

How to Fix “Windows Cannot Access the Specified Device Path or File” Error

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Does your PC give you the error “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file” when you try to open a file or device path? Chances are you don’t […]

How to Fix a Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

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Discord is one of the most popular communication platforms on the web and grows more popular by the day. While it’s most often used as a way for gamers to […]

How To Fix a Steam Service Error

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Steam’s Windows 10 client application relies on a background service called the Steam Client Service to run effectively. It handles critical tasks ranging from installing video games, updating downloaded content, […]

The Best Webcam Covers and Why You Should Buy One

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Personal privacy is something extremely important to maintain for your peace of mind and safety. One area that many people don’t realize could compromise your privacy is one that’s often […]

How to Fix a Chromecast “Source Not Supported” Error

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If you want to convert an ordinary TV into a smart TV, Google Chromecast offers a quick and easy way to stream media to your TV wirelessly. You can cast […]