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How to Schedule a Batch File in Windows

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If you’re not automating things, you’re missing out on the point of computers. The real purpose of computers is to do tedious, repetitive things humans don’t want to do anymore. […]

What Is Microsoft Sway and How to Use It

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Microsoft Sway has been available for years, but remains one of Microsoft’s best-kept secrets. The digital storytelling app provides a quick way to create beautiful, animated presentations that are automatically […]

A Detailed Guide on Fixing Black Screen Issues on Fire TV Stick

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Did your Fire TV Stick abruptly go blank while streaming your favorite Netflix TV show? Or it won’t boot past a black screen? In this guide, we’ve compiled some troubleshooting […]

How to Turn Off Microsoft Launcher on Android

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So you installed the Microsoft Launcher on your Android device and don’t care for it. It can’t just be uninstalled like other Android apps. Turn off The Microsoft Launcher first, […]

How to Use Android Trusted Devices

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One of the most useful new features added to the Android operating system is the ability to unlock the mobile device just by having a trusted device nearby. What is […]

How to Move Apps to SD Card on Android

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Fortunately, newer phones have more storage than ever. Unfortunately, the Android OS and apps also take up more storage than ever. If you’re lucky enough to have an Android phone […]

How to Build a Wix Blog That’s Just As Good as WordPress

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Wix is a platform for building all manner of sites. It’s a service designed to let you create your site without needing advanced technical knowledge or design sensibility. Anyone can […]

C Tutorial For Beginners: It’s Easier Than You Think!

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There are few programming languages with the versatility and utility of C, but the language itself can often seem daunting, especially to a newcomer. The good news is that C […]

Windows 10 Camera Not Working? 6 Ways to Fix

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Unless you’re the kind of Zoom caller who prefers to be mysterious, you’re going to need a working webcam to make high-quality video calls with your friends, family, and work […]

How to Fix a Video Scheduler Internal Error BSOD in Windows 10

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Few things are more frustrating than your computer going blue when you’re browsing, or casually watching a movie. Not only that, but you also get an error that you’re not […]