How To Uninstall Chromium

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You may be familiar with Google Chrome, but there’s another Google-affiliated browser you might not have heard of: Chromium. Chromium is the open-source alternative to Chrome, sharing much of its […]

How To Scrape a Website

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Web scraping is used by almost every industry to extract and analyze data from the internet. Companies use collected data to come up with new business strategies and products. Your […]

How to Fix “Windows Could Not Configure One Or More System Components” Error

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Keeping Windows 10 updated is essential. Even if you aren’t interested in new features, constant security updates keep your system safe from outside interference. Microsoft believes in this firmly, and […]

How To Replace a Motherboard Without Reinstalling Windows 10

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Every now and then, you’ll want to make upgrades to your system hardware. The most common part to upgrade is a hard drive to a solid-state drive, or a shiny […]

How to Transfer Bookmarks To And From All Major Browsers

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When you browse the internet and come across a helpful resource, one of the ways you can save it for later is to use apps like Google Keep or Evernote. […]

How To Change Your IP Address On Windows 10 (& Why You’d Want To)

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When you connect to a local network, the device you’re using is given an IP address, allowing other devices to find and communicate with it, as well as signifying that […]

How To Convert a Windows Drive From FAT32 To NTFS

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Older Windows operating systems relied heavily on the FAT32 file system for storage. This file system was developed with 32-bit operating systems in mind, limiting the maximum storage capacity of […]

3 Ways To Split a Cell In Excel

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If you’re working with data in Excel that you’ve imported from other sources, sometimes you have to work with data that isn’t in a format that you want. This is […]

How To Air Gap a Computer

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The highest level of security for a computer is for it to be air-gapped. It’s the only way to reduce the chance of the computer being hacked to as close […]

How To Clone a Hard Drive In Windows 10

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You might be replacing a broken drive or thinking about upgrading to a faster solid state drive. Whatever you’re planning, it can often be an inconvenience when you’re switching from […]