HDG Explains: What Is Markdown And What Are The Basics I Should Know?

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If you regularly use online social networks or discussion forums, chances are that you’ve seen or used Markdown without even knowing what Markdown is. For many already on the web, […]

How to Improve the Network Security for Your Home or Office

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Using the Internet for business has become a necessity. However, it also increases the risk of security threats and scams. Your Internet router is the link between the devices you […]

HDG Explains : What Is Airplane Mode On Your Smartphone Or Tablet?

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If you’ve traveled by plane before, you’ve probably heard the warning about setting your portable electronic devices to airplane mode or game mode. This is because most major airlines forbid […]

HDG Explains : What Is Bandwidth?

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Bandwidth is a common term in the computing and networking world. It’s used so often, in fact, that it’s easy to forget that some people don’t actually understand what it […]

How to Fix When Windows Won’t Shut Down

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Unless you have an issue on your computer, your Windows computer should shut down with the click of an option. If Windows won’t shut down despite repetitive attempts, there’s probably […]

HDG Explains : How Does GPS Work?

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The last time you used your phone to have Google Maps pinpoint your exact location on a map, did you ever stop and wonder how does GPS work so accurately? […]

How To Fix Packet Loss & Know When It’s a Problem

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Does your network connection seem slower than usual? It could be caused by issues with your modem, router, WiFi signal, a slow DNS server, or even devices on your network […]

Dead Pixel Tests To Fix a Stuck Pixel On Your Monitor

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Your computer screen or monitor is comprised of millions of carefully programmed tiny lights known as pixels, which create the images you see. Within the pixels are sub-pixels that emit […]

The Best Way to Disable Cortana in Windows 10

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In 2015, Microsoft released the final version of Windows 10. It came with many advantages over previous operating systems as well as a pre-installed virtual assistant. Many users were not […]

How To Use Google Tag Manager To Analyze Your Website Traffic

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No matter what type of website you have, knowing how your visitors interact with your site is essential. Google Analytics (GA) has traditionally been the tool used by webmasters to […]