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What Is a Chatbot and How To Use One On Your Site

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The Internet has modernized our lives and moved most of what we do to the online world. We communicate, relax, learn, watch, and shop from the comfort of our own […]

The 4 Most Secure Email Providers

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In the last decade or so, it’s been common for most users with an online presence to have a free Gmail or Yahoo email address. These users also tend to […]

Do You Need a Third Party Firewall on Mac and Windows?

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In today’s world, both Windows and Mac operating systems already come with a built-in firewall. When it comes to security, the built-in firewall does half the job while the firewall […]

The 20 Best Linux Apps Ever

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Linux seems to be getting more popular every year. Thanks to well-supported, user friendly distros such as Ubuntu, many people are taking the plunge and realizing that this free and […]

10 Best Wireless Intercom Systems For Home Or Small Business

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It used to be that intercom systems were the sole domain of large businesses and people who lived in butler-equipped mansions. Now, even regular folk can get a decent wireless […]

What Is Mesh Messaging & How Does It Work?

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Have you ever thought about what you’d do if suddenly you couldn’t connect to the internet to communicate with others, or get your everyday tasks done? Most of us have […]

10 Cool Linux Terminal Commands You Have to Try

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Linux terminal commands don’t have to be boring. Many commands are cool, fun, and entertaining for users. This article will discuss some pro-Linux command tricks to save you time, frustration, […]

How To Track Windows Computer and User Activity

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There are many reasons to track Windows user activity, including monitoring your children’s activity across the internet, protection against unauthorized access, improving security issues, and mitigating insider threats. Here will […]

HDG Explains: What Is An API?

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On an internet filled with confusing and unfamiliar acronyms, it can be easy to become confused. One web acronym you may have heard but never felt inspired to look into […]

How To Quit Frozen Programs In Linux

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Even a robust operating system like Linux can sometimes encounter problems that cause apps or programs to freeze. There are several ways to kill or quit a frozen program on […]