How To Air Gap a Computer

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The highest level of security for a computer is for it to be air-gapped. It’s the only way to reduce the chance of the computer being hacked to as close […]

How To Clone a Hard Drive In Windows 10

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You might be replacing a broken drive or thinking about upgrading to a faster solid state drive. Whatever you’re planning, it can often be an inconvenience when you’re switching from […]

What To Do If The Windows Store Won’t Open

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The Windows Store, now known as the Microsoft Store, is the official digital storefront that’s included with Windows 10 by default.  You can find apps, software, professional and personal devices, […]

The 5 Top Linux Distros You Should Be Using

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Linux isn’t one unified operating system. Instead, you can get various distributions or “distros” customized for various purposes.  Every version of Linux uses the same core. That is, the Linux […]

How To Set Up Amazon Alexa

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Amazon Alexa gives your voice a few superpowers. It was the first digital assistant in the market until the battle of the smart assistants started with the arrival of Google […]

Google Chrome Autofill: A Complete Guide

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If you’re looking to save time, especially if you struggle with not getting things done, you may want to look at some time-saving shortcuts you could use. This is especially […]

How To Remotely Wake Up Your Windows 10 PC

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If you want to set up a server at home, you may want to be able to access it remotely. Of course, you can only connect remotely if you leave […]

Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working? 8 Troubleshooting Tips To Try

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It’s nice to log on to your computer and have your favorite programs automatically open, ready, and waiting for you. That’s the job of the Windows startup folder. What do […]

How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger

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More and more people are turning away from social media, or at least Facebook. Whether you want to distance yourself from the “keeping up with the Jones” nature of social […]

The 5 Best Budget Chromebooks in 2020

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Chromebooks have taken the world by storm. The Chrome OS-based laptops are affordable, come in a variety of sizes from a whole host of manufacturers, and are incredibly simple to […]