Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel – What are the Differences?

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Previously, we wrote about the differences between Google Docs and Microsoft Word and in this post, we’re going to talk about spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are the pillars for our modern day society. Spreadsheets are useful for work, record keeping, collaboration, or just personal organization. Right now, we have two top contenders in the spreadsheet world – […]

Why You Should Be Using Named Ranges in Excel

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Named ranges are a useful, but often underutilized, feature of Microsoft Excel.  Named ranges can make formulas easier to understand (and debug), simplify the creation of complicated spreadsheets, and simplify your macros. A named range is just a range (either a single cell, or a range of cells) to which you assign a name.  You […]

Play Any PC Game with a Gamepad Using JoyToKey

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There was a time when “hardcore” PC gamers would look down on the idea of using a gamepad to play PC games. The mouse and keyboard reigned supreme, especially in the golden age of first person shooters. The truth is that joysticks and gamepads have a rich and storied history on the PC, with genres […]

How to Record Your Screen on Windows 10

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We have included two free methods for recording your screen on Windows 10 in this article. One method is via a feature built straight in to Windows 10 and the other requires you to download free software. For both methods, we will be showing you step by step instructions to record videos and access your […]

Best Programs to Add New Functionality to Windows 10

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Microsoft may try hard to make their operating system as functional and accessible as possible, but it’s easy to look over the small details. You may be surprised at just how much new functionality you can add to Windows 10 by using third party programs. In this article, we have listed some of the best […]

Google Docs vs Microsoft Word – What are the Differences?

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Ever wondered what the differences were between Google Docs and Microsoft Word? Whilst both word processors may look similar on the surface, they are actually different in many ways. In this article, I want to point out the major differences to help you decide which option is best for you. Functionality – Microsoft Word Wins […]

Best New Features in Microsoft Office 2019

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Microsoft Office 2019 was announced and released on September 24, 2018 and it’s now available for Mac and Windows 10 users to purchase in all regions. Microsoft Office 2019 brings a number of small tweaks and additions so we thought we’d highlight all of the most exciting changes in this article. What is Microsoft Office […]

How to Sync Your Mouse Between Two Computers

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In this article, we will explain how to sync your mouse between two computers with three different techniques. Hopefully, one of the methods will be suitable for your needs. Before we begin, let’s take a look at why syncing your peripherals to two computers at once can be useful for work, productivity or even just […]

Restore Lost Files in Windows with Shadow Explorer

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These days it’s pretty hard to lose data with ubiquitous cloud storage and extra-reliable storage media. However, sometimes things do go very, very wrong. Perhaps it’s a ransomware attack or an purposeful deletion by an angry relative. Regardless of why your files are now gone, there’s a clever feature in Windows (since Vista) that might […]

Delete Personal Activity Information Collected By Google

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Google as a company has a hand in pretty much every corner of the Internet. While their search engine is what they are best known for, they also have services like YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Assistant, and Google Plus. Google provides a valuable service, but the primary way that they monetize is through advertising […]