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How to Print Text Messages From Android

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You would think something as simple as printing text messages from your Android would be easy. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple matter. There’s no print function built into the default […]

Microsoft Store Download Slow? 9 Ways to Fix

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Do you keep experiencing slow downloads on the Microsoft Store in Windows 10? That’s probably the last thing you want to deal with while downloading a sizable app or a […]

How to Overclock Your RAM (and Why You Should)

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The total performance of a computer is the result of various components working together. If one component is too slow, it causes a bottleneck. In any computer, one component will […]

What Is Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation (and Is It Safe)

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There are plenty of Windows system processes with long, confusing names, from the WMI Provider Host to the Client Server Runtime. If you ask most Windows users what they do, […]

4 Ways to Convert Excel to Google Sheets

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If you’ve been working with data in Excel and you’ve realized you want to use Google Sheets functions or scripting, it’s fairly easy to convert files from Excel to Google […]

How to Customize the Microsoft Office Ribbon

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When Microsoft first introduced the ribbon to their Office Suite, it caused quite a bit of division amongst those who spend all day using productivity software. Some people loved it […]

What Is Windows Modules Installer Worker (and Is It Safe)

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As one of the many system processes on your Windows PC, the Windows Modules Installer Worker plays a critical part in how Windows operates. You may not know it yet, […]

5 Best Windows Task Scheduler Alternatives

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The Windows Task Scheduler is a handy part of the Windows operating system that lets you automate and schedule apps and various scripts to run how and when you want […]

How to Fix an Audio Renderer Error in Windows 10

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Do you keep getting an “Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer” message while watching—or trying to watch—YouTube in Windows 10? If you haven’t already, do what the message says […]

How To Rename a Printer in Windows 10

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When adding a printer in Windows 10, it’s given a default name. The manufacturer name such as Brother or Canon, for example, followed by the model number of that specific […]