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eMMC vs SSD: What’s The Difference?

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Long term storage is changing. We’re used to using hard disk drives (HDD) and many of us now have solid-state drives (SSD). But what is the electronic multi-media card (eMMC) […]

How To Fix Windows Hello Fingerprint Not Working In Windows 10

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Windows Hello is a more secure way of logging into your Windows 10 device without struggling to remember your password. The futuristic login technology uses biometric authentication that’s faster, more […]

Best DIY Home Security Gadgets to Protect Your Home

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Home security is a big deal, yet many from the younger generation don’t treat it as so. In 2015, we had a property crime committed every 4 seconds in America. […]

How to Protect Your Phone’s SIM Card From Hackers

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Years ago it would have been hard to imagine that a good portion of your life would be spent scrolling through webpages and texts on a single device. Let alone […]

Chrome Remote Desktop: How To Connect To Your Computer From Anywhere

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These days, if you want to use your computer, you don’t necessarily need to be around it to use it. With remote control tools like Chrome Remote Desktop, you can […]

How To Block Internet Explorer From Accessing The Internet

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Internet Explorer is now only included with Windows 10 as a legacy product, and most users would never have any reason to use it. If you want to block Internet […]

Latest Automated Social Media Tools – Compared & Reviewed

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Social media is an essential component of successful digital marketing strategies. From live streaming to your fan base to creating viral rich image campaigns, social media provides fast and potentially […]

How To Automatically Shut Down a Windows Computer

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Windows allows you to automate a number of tasks on your computer and one of these is the automatically shutting down your computer. You can actually create a schedule for […]

How To Install Only Safe Browser Extensions

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Browser extensions can improve your browsing experience, block intrusive ads, or bring new functionality to your everyday internet usage. There are thousands of browser extensions and extension developers, so it’s […]

6 Windows Equivalents To Popular MacOS Features

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While Windows dominates the desktop PC world, those who love MacOS really love MacOS. Apple’s enduring operating system has a lot to recommend it and is filled with hundreds of […]