How to Use DiskPart Utility in Windows

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DiskPart is essentially the command-line equivalent to the Disk Management tool and can be useful in certain situations (such as when Windows won’t start). Be warned though, Diskpart is a powerful tool and unlike the Disk Management tool, it enables explicit control of partitions and volumes. You’ll need to run DiskPart in administrator mode; one […]

Fix “Windows cannot access the specified device path or file” Error

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Cryptic Windows errors are about as common as fish in the sea. I’ve previously written about many strange Windows errors, such as: Unsupported wireless network device detected. System Halted Instruction at referenced memory could not be read Can’t read from the source file or disk error Etc, etc! In this post, I will talk about […]

Export All Email from Gmail

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  Even though I’m pretty trusting of the cloud in general, I still like to have my own local backups just in case something terrible happens to the Internet. If you’ve been using a service like Gmail for years and years, you probably have tens of thousands of emails in your account. One of the […]

Export SQL Data to Excel with Column Headers

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How many times have you had to write up a quick query in SQL Management Studio for someone and then export the data out to Excel? Exporting data from SQL Server is a fairly long process and involves several steps, but once you do it a few times, it’s not bad. One thing I learned […]

Fix “Unsupported wireless network device detected. System Halted” Error

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If you have an older HP computer, you may sometimes get the following error when booting up your computer: Error Message: 104-Unsupported wireless network device detected. System Halted. Remove device and restart. This is one of those really technical errors and it’s unfortunately not easy to fix. However, it’s worth a shot before sending your […]

How to Generate an Alter Table Script in SQL

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In SQL 2005, you may come across a situation where you need to generate a ALTER TABLE script, such as when adding a new column to a database or changing the field type, etc. If you want to generate a script for a particular SQL function, such as CREATE, SELECT, UPDATE, etc, you would normally […]

Fix “File is too large for destination file system” Error

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Yesterday, while copying some large files to an external hard drive, I was promptly issued this message by Windows: The file “myfile” is too large for the destination file system. So I wondered to myself what could possibly cause this issue. My external hard drive had tons of free space, so why would I not […]

Fix “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read”

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With Windows, you never know what crazy error message will one day pop up and scare the heck out of you! One error message that I saw on a client machine recently was: Instruction at 0x000 referenced memory at 0x000. The memory could not be read. Wow! What the heck does that even mean!? Well, […]

Download Google Chrome Redistributable Package (Standalone Installer)

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By default, the Google Chrome browser can currently only be downloaded and installed while connected to the Internet. The small file you download will start the installer, which will then go to the Internet to download the rest of the Google Chrome files. However, for IT administrators who want to install Chrome on computers not […]

How to Change an Apache Server Listening Port

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Last week, I encountered a server with its HTTPS port 80 already taken by another software.  The “culprit” was unsurprisingly another web server software, namely IIS. Because the IIS users are already accustomed to the default port, the Apache installation had no choice but to use a less popular port for HTTP, in this case […]