The Best 4 Alternatives To Google Chromecast

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One of the primary reasons a Google Chromecast alternative is sought after would be the lack of a standalone graphical interface and operating system. Anyone who currently owns a Chromecast […]

How To Track Router History & Monitor Internet Activity

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There is no direct way to access someone’s search history – even if they are connected to your home router. That said, you can set up your router to log […]

Is PC Water Cooling Actually Better?

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The introduction of water-cooling revolutionized PC building, and presented a new, incredibly efficient way to cool an entire system. Since that time, water-cooling has been thought of as the ultimate […]

Does Faster RAM Matter? – 2400MHz vs 3000MHz & Better

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It seems RAM is getting faster every day, but does faster RAM matter? Does it make sense to buy 3000MHz or is something like 2400MHz good enough? Let’s take a […]

See How Much Your CPU Bottlenecks Your GPU BEFORE You Buy It

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Buying a new graphics card is one of the great joys of owning a gaming or other high-performance PC. You get to take a computer you currently own and, for […]

How To Move Your Thunderbird Profile & Email To a New Windows Computer

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Are you struggling to convert and move your Thunderbird profile, settings, and email to a new computer? Many people choose to use Thunderbird as their email client for its many […]

How To View A Password Behind The Asterisks In a Browser

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When you’re on a website whose login details are saved in your browser, the browser automatically fills-in both the username and password fields for you. You may have noticed this […]

How To Fix The Black Screen Of Death On Windows 10

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Getting a blue screen of death is bad. But with it, at least your computer will tell you that there’s something wrong. On the other hand, if you end up […]

Easy Ways To Find Hardware & Other Computer Specifications

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“What do you mean how much RAM do I have? It’s a computer, how should I know?” If you’ve found yourself saying this, you will know the frustration of not […]

How To Reboot & Select The Proper Boot Device On Windows

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The Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device error message pops up when a motherboard can’t connect to the hard drive that contains the operating system. But there’s no need to […]