Turn on Fast Startup Missing in Windows 8/10 Power Options?

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If you have a PC running Windows 8 or Windows 10, you definitely want to make sure your machine is booting as fast as possible. By default, Windows 8/10 enables […]

How to Tell if a Folder is Shared in Windows 10

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Starting in Windows 7 and continuing into Windows 8/10, Microsoft has removed the feature whereby when you shared a folder, it would change the folder icon so that you could […]

Create a Multi Operating System Bootable USB Flash Drive

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If you work in IT or offer your own IT services, you probably install and reinstall operating systems for clients quite often. Traditionally, operating system installs have been deployed directly […]

Fix NT Kernel & System Process High CPU Usage in Windows

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I recently ran into a strange problem where a process called System (NT Kernel & System) was using about 15 to 30 percent of the CPU on my Windows machine […]

Troubleshoot and Fix Office Problems with Repair

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If you’re having problems with any Office program like Word, Excel or Outlook, you can always perform a repair, which will try to fix any issues that may be causing […]

What Happened to Disk Defragmenter in Windows 8/10?

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In Windows 8 and Windows 10, the name for a few features from Windows 7 have changed. For example, Windows Anytime Upgrade is now called Add Features to Windows 8/10. […]

Fix Windows Explorer Window Opening on Startup

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I recently ran into a really annoying problem on my Windows 7 64-bit PC: every time I restarted it and booted into Windows, the Windows Explorer Libraries window would pop […]

Copy Data Off an Unbootable Laptop or Desktop Hard Drive

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I recently had a client who was running Windows 10 and got a horrific computer virus that prevented him from starting up his computer. Unfortunately, he had a ton of […]

How to Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

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Even though Disk Cleanup is not a very often used tool in Windows, it still does come in handy and I have found that it does a good job of […]

Can’t Copy Text from a PDF File?

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So I ran into a problem the other day when I had to copy some text from a PDF file and paste it into a presentation that I was doing. […]