Enable Virtualization (VT-x) in the BIOS

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In a previous post, we wrote about how to install Mac OS X in VMware Fusion. Often times, running an operating system inside of another operating system, using virtualization software such as VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, or Hyper-V will require you to enable virtualization in the BIOS. Although this is not always necessary, it is […]

Set up Windows 7/10 to Login Automatically

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Although Windows 7/10 offer a level of security not seen in previous versions of the operating system, there are times when it can be annoying to have to login every time the computer is rebooted. Luckily, Microsoft does offer a solution to having to login every time. Learn how to setup Windows 7/10 to automatically […]

Set Default Programs in Windows 7/10

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Windows associates almost every file on your computer with a specific program. For example, Word files with the *.docx file extension are naturally associated with the Word application. However, you can manually change the default program with which various files open. Read on to learn how to set default programs in Windows 7 and Windows […]

Top 10 Differences between Windows XP and Windows 7

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If you skipped over Windows Vista like so many others have, you may be in for a shock when you upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. Microsoft’s newest operating system is a major shift in usability, convenience, and overall computing from previous versions of Windows. Although not all are earth-shattering changes, listed below are […]

Create a Command Prompt Shortcut with Admin Rights in Windows

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When you run a command prompt in Windows, it runs in user mode by default and does not have any administrator rights. If you need to execute commands as administrator from your user account, then you need to run the command prompt with administrator privileges. An easy way to have access to the command prompt […]

Why Does 64-bit Windows Need Two Program Files Folders?

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Although Windows XP did have a 64-bit version, it wasn’t until Microsoft released Windows Vista that consumers really had to make a decision of whether to buy the 32 or 64-bit version. Windows 7/8/10 also comes in 32 and 64-bit versions and if you opted for the 64-bit, you may have noticed that there are […]

CPU Processor Comparison – Intel Core i7 vs. i5 vs. i3 – Part 2

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This is part two in our Intel Core processor comparison. Check out Part I of the Intel i-series CPU Comparison. Here, we will be breaking down the top of the line Core i7, offering some buying advice, and making a conclusion. Core i7 Last, but not least, we have the Intel Core i7 processor lineup. […]

Windows 7/10 Safe Mode – F8 Not Working?

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If you’ve been using Windows for a while, chances are you’ve had to boot into Safe Mode at one time or another. If not, chances are you’ve seen the option to boot into Safe mode after your computer recovered from the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Booting into Windows Safe Mode often requires holding down […]

CD or DVD Drive Won’t Eject or Open?

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In the past, we have written several posts on how to burn DVD’s, how to burn Windows 7/8/10 discs, and even some stuff on Blu-ray discs. However, we have yet to post about one of the most simple things. What to do if you get a CD or DVD stuck in your computer’s optical drive […]

Where is the Sidebar in Windows 7?

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Some people loved it and some people hated it. Wherever you land on that spectrum, Microsoft introduced us to the Sidebar in Windows Vista. However, many users who upgraded to Windows 7 were surprised that the Sidebar was not a part of the Aero Desktop. Learn what happened to the Sidebar in Windows 7 and […]