How To Insert CSV or TSV Into An Excel Worksheet

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Text based data files are one of the most common methods of storing data in the world today. This is because text files, in general, consume the last space and […]

How To Merge Cells, Columns & Rows In Excel

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10 Ways To Customize Your Windows 10 Start Menu

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How Google Docs Chat Helps You Collaborate on Documents

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Google Docs chat is a very effective tool to collaborate on documents with teams. It provides the ability for editors to mark up and comment on edits, it lets teams […]

How To Stop Chrome Notifications & Other Chrome Annoyances

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Are you tired of getting annoying notifications, pop-ups, and ads such as interstitials and overlays while browsing the web on your Chrome browser? You are not alone. With a few […]

Will Deleting an Email on the iPhone/iPad Delete it on the Server?

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Most of us have email messages we’d like to get rid of forever from our inboxes. However, there are times you’ll delete an email only for it to show up […]

How to Make a Fillable Google Docs Form With Tables

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One of the more common uses of Google Docs is to make a Google Docs form. Unfortunately, the most common method of creating a form using an underline for form […]

How to Insert an Excel Worksheet into a Word Doc

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If you’ve ever wanted to include data that you have in an Excel file into a Word document, you’ve probably just copied the data from Excel and pasted it into […]

Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Videos

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Do you want to make sure your video stands out on YouTube? Then you will want to perform several post-production tasks such as: Adding, rearranging, or removing sections of a […]

How To Build a Database With Microsoft Access

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If you have an Office 365 subscription, one of the apps you can access is Access. It’s a tool to create various types of databases and reports on your computer. […]