Binreader – A Simple NZB Usenet Downloader

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If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use NZB downloader for Usenet, then Binreader may be just the application you want.  NZB is a file format using XML which describes a series of Usenet posts (or more accurately, their attachments), which are downloaded by a Usenet downloader.  This is a very efficient way to download binaries […]

Rotate Your GNOME/Xfce Wallpapers With DesktopNova

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Every operating system is customizable to a certain extent.  Some, such as Linux, offer an incredibly wide variety of icons and themes, with others, like Mac OSX, not offering much at all.  One option all operating systems have, however, is the ability to change the desktop background picture, or wallpaper.  In this instance, Mac OSX […]

Download Music From Grooveshark With gSharkDown (for Linux)

by File in: Linux Tips, Reviews is an incredibly popular music streaming website/service that caters to all tastes.  How popular is it?  Depending on your country, it could be one the 100 most popular websites (as it is in Argentina), and worldwide, Grooveshark is #594, according to, a website ranking service.  Grooveshark makes it possible to search for, and […]

GrooveDown – A Grooveshark Downloader For Windows

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In a recent article, we discussed a program named gSharkDown, a GTK downloader for the Grooveshark music streaming service.  It allows users to both listen to and download music, all without needing to access the standard web interface.  There are quite a few available options for doing the same thing in Windows, and while the […]

Better Volume/Sound Control For Windows With Volume2

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Changing the volume in Windows isn’t a difficult task, to be sure.  Click the volume control icon in the System Tray, wait for the volume indicator to appear, then drag it up or down.  And if your computer has multimedia keys, you likely have volume up and down buttons (and probably a mute button as […]

Batch Rename Files, Photos & Music in Linux with pyRenamer

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Usually when we need to rename files on our computers, it’s a simple process.  Find the file you want to change, select the “Rename” option, and make your change.  Other times, however, it’s not so simple.  Take the instance where we’ve just downloaded dozens, or even hundreds, of photographs from a digital camera.  Those will […]

Batch Rename Files In Linux With Thunar

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At times it becomes necessary to rename a large number of files at once.  Maybe it’s because you just downloaded a batch of photos from your digital camera, or maybe you realized a lot of your MP3 files weren’t named correctly. Regardless of what and why, it can be incredibly tedious to have to rename […]

Easily Record System Audio in Linux With Audio Recorder

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If you’re a GNOME Linux user who’s ever needed to record something – either through your computer’s built-in microphone, line-in jack, or just the sound coming through the soundcard – it can sometimes be a bit tricky. So it was nice to stumble across an option called Audio Recorder.  The project (formerly known as rec-applet), […]

Read eBooks in ePUB Format with Lucidor

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For Linux users looking for a desktop eBook reader will find themselves checking out FBReader and Calibre.  FBReader has both Qt and GTK frontends, but somehow manages to look out of place whether using GNOME or KDE.  This is probably because of the custom icons, which don’t blend in anywhere! Calibre, on the other hand, […]

Using a Free, Disposable Email Address

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You have found a site containing a free download you want but you don’t want to enter your main email address to get the link for fear of getting a lot of spam from the site. A good option is to use a temporary email address. 10 Minute Mail can help you there. When you […]