Customize Windows Defender’s Protection Options

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Windows Defender is a built in malware protection software included in Windows Vista.  If you are running other spyware and malware protection tools like Avira, Norton or McAfee, it is a good idea to turn off specific redundant Defender processes to avoid system performance loss.  On the other hand, you might not be satisfied with […]

Network Two Computers Running Windows XP

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Previously, I wrote an article about a cool software called WiPeer that lets you connect two computers over a wireless network. This program works great for quickly sharing files between two laptops, but it requires you to install proprietary software, which is more pain for IT administrators. If you want to share files between two […]

How to Create an FTP Server using FileZilla

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FileZilla is a popular FTP application that you can use to connect to other computers using file transfer protocol (FTP). With FTP you don’t need to worry about compatibility since the protocol is standard and supported by any OS that can handle an FTP client. Previously, I wrote how to setup your own FTP server […]

Free Hard Drive Diagnostic and Testing Tools

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I recently purchased a Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM 32 MB cache hard drive for my desktop computer and I love it! It’s got loads of space and is super quiet. However, when I received it from Newegg, I was not completely sure the drive would be working properly since it was wrapped […]

How to Control HTTP Proxies using Proxy.pac

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A proxy.pac is a script that you can use to create rules for dynamically assigning proxy names.  With it, you can get more flexible with your proxy setups. For example, you can set your PCs to not go through the proxy server if the URL being browsed is an Intranet page.  Below is an example […]

User Rights Assignment Group Policy in Windows

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We have written about how to prevent users from connecting to your computer over a network.  On this post we will look at how to enable more restrictions on critical operations like system shutdown and changing the system time.  You should be an administrator on a Windows PC to be able to do the steps […]

How to Install IIS and Configure a Web Server in XP

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Internet Information Services or more popularly known as IIS is a lightweight web server process included in the XP installer disc. IIS on XP is the ideal choice for testing native Microsoft web applications like ASP and .Net. You may also be interested in my previous post on how to setup an FTP server using […]

Make Office 2007 Look Like 2003

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The guys over at LifeHacker wrote up an excellent article on how to revert back to the Office 2003 menu in Office 2007. For those of you who do not like the new Office 2007 ribbon interface, you can go back to the original classic menu using a free tool. Earlier, I wrote about a […]

Best Software to Manage Dual Monitors

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If you’re in IT, you probably have a multi-monitor setup in your office or home, right? I currently use dual monitors both at my office and at home. Once you start using a computer with more than one monitor, it’s nearly impossible to go back to just one! Dual monitors are great because you simultaneously […]

How to Stream Video to Xbox 360

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I recently bought a Xbox 360 Elite and I love the damn thing! The games are awesome and the the Xbox Live subscription service is sweet. Outside of playing games, however, there are lot of over things you can do with a Xbox 360. For example, you can stream HD video, music, and pictures from […]