Cannot Find the Mail Icon in Vista Control Panel?

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Can’t seem to find the Mail icon in your Control Panel? Well, here’s another quick tutorial that might help a few Administrators out there! I wasted quite a bit of time trying to figure this one out! Basically I was trying to setup Outlook 2007 on my Windows Vista Ultimate machine to connect to an […]

How to Fix Microsoft Office Error 25090

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Working in a corporate environment as an IT support technician always means you’ll end up dealing with weird problems that would never occur on a normal consumer PC. Why? Well, it’s because weird stuff can occur when you  have 20 people using one computer! One such error I ran across recently was while using Microsoft […]

Uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection Without a Password

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If you work in a corporate environment, you and your computer may be the unsuspecting victim of a terrible piece of software from Symantec called Endpoint Protection. It’s a giant behemoth of a program that includes anti-spyware, anti-virus, network threat detection, and all kinds of other super security crap. I certainly do understand the need […]

How to Reset Local Security Policy Settings to Default in Windows XP and Vista

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Have you ever gotten a computer second-hand? Maybe from a company that was shutting down or from someone who no longer needed theirs? Ideally, you would want to simply reformat the computer and start from scratch, right? However, that’s not always the case. Let’s say you get a computer that has Windows XP or Windows […]

How to convert BIN to ISO

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Recently, I downloaded some IT software on my Windows PC and the files were all .BIN and .CUE files. In order to work with them, I needed to convert the BIN files to ISO and mount them as a drive. MagicISO is a cool program that can convert BIN files or any other format file […]

Pinging Works, but Internet Explorer Not Showing Web Pages

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Earlier this month, I ran into a very frustrating problem on a clients’ XP computer system. All of a sudden, whenever they would try to open up a web page in Internet Explorer, the result would be “The page cannot be displayed”. But that was not the frustrating part! This computer was working fine a […]

Best Free ASP .NET Tutorials and Code Samples

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If you’re just getting started with ASP .NET, there are so many concepts and features to learn that it can be pretty intimidating at first. Luckily, there are also tons or resources out there that can teach you the basics of ASP .NET and get your started writing small ASP .NET projects. In this article, […]

Cannot See Other Computers on Network in My Network Places?

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When you go to My Network Places on XP, is it blank or empty? Even if you are connected to the network, you may still not be able to see other computers on the same network for several reasons. Firstly, you need to determine what kind of network you are on, i.e. a workgroup or […]

Automatically Turn Off Windows Computers on Your Network

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As an IT administrator these days, it’s a good idea to think green and find ways to save energy and reduce power consumption. If you manage a large network of servers and PC’s, you might want to consider using software that can automatically shutdown PC’s after a certain time or based on activity. I’ve previously […]

How to Clear Recently Used File List in Word

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You may have noticed that in Word, Excel and all other Office programs, there is a list of recently used or opened documents at the bottom of the File menu option. It’s kind of like the My Recent Documents features on the Windows Start Menu. However, if you want to remove the recently used file […]