Setting up windows media center without IR hardware on windows vista

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Last week I decided to upgrade my home computer to Windows vista. One of the reasons I wanted to get vista on my home desktop was because I use a TV tuner to watch TV and Windows vista media center seemed to be irresistible for me, so I went for it. Read more about the […]

Internet Connection problems- Proxy Server settings messed up

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Sometimes when troubleshooting Internet Connection problems we seems to try everything; from the basic to the most advance techniques, but sometimes nothing seems to fix the problem until we check some hidden settings that we never suspect might cause great frustration. Some Internet service providers somehow like to use proxy server settings on your browser […]

What is the difference between WPA and WEP Wireless Security encryption?

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Wireless Internet access has become the norm in most houses in the US these days, everyone has a wireless router, but what most people don’t know is keeping this router secure, what data encryption should you use? WEP or WPA? What is the difference? WEP (wired Equivalent Privacy) is the older form of encryption developed […]

How To Check the Proxy Server Settings on your Computer

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This is part 3 of our series of how to troubleshoot Internet connection problems, I hope is being helpful to some of you. I talked about “Client for Microsoft Windows” on the last post, also in rare occasions especially when you are using Internet explorer, proxy Server settings change automatically on your browser; I have […]

Windows TCP/IP Utilities – Netstat, Tracert, IPconfig, NSlookup

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Netstat: is a utility to display TCP/IP statistics and details about TCP/IP components and connections to a host. Netstat is useful to check what ports are open on your computer, to see which network connections are currently established, how many packets have been handled by a network interface since it was activated etc. Check the […]

Automating software installation

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If you are a techie you know how annoying it is to install software over and over again on the systems you setup everyday. I always tried to find a way how to automate those tasks, so I could have time for myself while the scripts do the work. I tried many scripting programs from […]