Use Multiple Google Accounts in Chrome Web Browser

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I have always found it annoying having to use multiple browsers to sign into several Google accounts. I’ve also found it annoying that I had to install add-ons and extensions in browsers like Firefox to get it to work properly. Personally, I like to use Google Chrome and none of the other browsers. In every […]

Move Photos to a Different Album in Facebook

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One question I’ve been asked a lot from friends is how to move a photo or set of photos from one album on Facebook to another? Well, it’s actually fairly straight-forward and I’ll answer that question in this post. To get started, open Facebook and then click on your name to see your Timeline. Click […]

Create a Multiple Operating System Bootable USB Drive

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If you work in IT or offer your own IT services, you probably install and reinstall operating systems for clients quite often. Traditionally, operating system installs have been deployed directly from an OS install disc, but because discs get scratched or damaged so easily, most people in IT use USB drives. This is a more […]

Copy Data Off a Laptop or Desktop Hard Drive

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I recently had a client who was running Windows 7 and got a horrific computer virus that prevented him from starting up his computer. Unfortunately, he had a ton of files on his hard drive that he needed and therefore could not simply format and start from scratch. If you are in a similar situation […]

Sync Open Tabs Across Devices in Chrome

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Google Chrome has a nice feature where you can sync all your open tabs across all your devices. Anywhere you can install Chrome, you can set it up so that you can see all the other open tabs on all your other Chrome installs. It’s a very slick feature and works really well. I’ve been […]

Scale Down an Image in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

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So you just downloaded some pictures from your new fancy Canon T4i or Nikon D5100? Well, get ready for some huge pictures with lots of resolution! You’re talking about 16 to 18 megapixels and resolutions up to 4,928×3,264! That’s just ridiculous for most people, but nowadays you’ll see a lot of people with DSLRs like […]

Dock or Snap Metro Apps in Windows 8

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In Windows 8, there is a cool new feature where you can snap Metro apps to either the right or left side of the screen and continue using other apps simultaneously. Here’s my Windows 8 machine running the News metro snapped to the right side while checking out the weather in the normal view. So […]

Create a Windows 8 Backup Image

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Windows 8 has some cool new tools for fixing your PC without having to go through all kinds of crazy boot screens and command prompts like in older versions of Windows. The two main features you may have heard of are Refresh PC and Reset PC. Refresh PC is kind of like doing a repair […]

Find the Largest Files on Your Computer

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Recently a client asked me to help him find the biggest files on his computer because he wanted to clean up his hard disk and free up some space. There are a couple of ways to do this. In Windows 7, the new search functions allow you to find files of a particular size and […]

Sort Gmail by Sender

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A lot of people have asked me if they can sort their Google Mail by sender and I never really understood what they meant. Gmail is basically built on search, not sorting. It doesn’t have very many sorting features because it figures you can use their advanced search features to find any email you like. […]