How to Install Chrome OS on a Netbook

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So I was rummaging through some junk I had in my garage the other day and I ran into my old beloved, but now completely useless, Asus 1000HE netbook! Wow, that segment vanished just as quickly as it appeared! Anyway, it’s still a decent little computer, so I didn’t want to give it away. It […]

Find, View and Analyze BSOD Dump Files

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So you just got your first Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or maybe your twentieth? Whatever the case, most people don’t know how to fix BSOD problems themselves. If you have someone geeky in your family, they might be able to fix it for you, but there are a lot of times when you have […]

Turn Off The Startup Sound In Windows Vista and Windows 7

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So, who finds the Windows startup chime annoying? Especially after hearing it time after time after time (for instance, during a series of upgrades). Same here. You can avoid hearing it by turning your volume all the way down, but that’s not always easy to remember, especially if the last thing you did on your […]

Configure The Thunderbird Email Client To Autohide Tab Bar

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For netbook users, and others concerned with maximizing their computer’s display, “extra” things such as multiple toolbars and tab bars (especially on web browsers when only a single website is open), can cause problems, as all the extras take up space from the content. Every pixel matters. Firefox users have the option of turning off […]

Download and Change Wallpaper Images Automatically With Wally

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A new background image on your computer Desktop can really make the difference between a computer that gets used, and one that feels personalized to the individual user.  Similarly, we don’t always want the same wallpaper on our Desktops, day after day after day.  While we might really like a particular image, we don’t want […]

Stream Music From Your Spotify Premium Account With Clementine

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Spotify is one of the more popular streaming music services. It offers two tiers of paid services (either $4.99 or $9.99 per month), both of which are free of any advertising, as well as a free option. One of its main drawbacks, at least for users from the United States, was that because of licensing […]

Add a New Default Search Engine To Google Chrome Web Browser

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There are quite a few popular search engines available today, and each have their fans. Google is easily the most popular, but Bing and Yahoo are also used by millions of users every day. So it’s nice to be able to choose which you’ll use by default, and Google Chrome makes that easy? How easy? […]

Use Google Chrome As The Default PDF Viewer In Ubuntu

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Google Chrome comes with a lot of features that make it a good choice for many users. This shouldn’t be a big suprise to most people, seeing as how it has become more and more popular over the past year, but consider that Chrome not only comes bundled with a built-in Adobe Flash plugin (which […]