There’s a shortage of computer programmers and software developers. This is a big deal because the tech industry is growing faster than the talent can keep up. Some firms are even willing to pay 20% more for qualified engineers. 

Mobile app revenue by itself will generate an astounding $935 billion by 2023. That’s a lot of money to go around, but there aren’t enough people to share it. To give you some perspective, there were only 50,000 Computer Science grads in 2017 and 500,000 open computing positions in the U.S. alone. 

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    Do you want in on this quick-paced (high-paying) industry? Then you’ll find the following apps and sites helpful in learning how to code like a pro. 

    Khan Academy

    Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you can dive right into advanced mechanics. You’ll learn with all sorts of projects, including drawing and animation, querying, games and visualizations, and natural simulations. 

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    If you’re ready to jump right in and learn how to code right away, then Khan Academy is an excellent place to start. It’s a non-profit offering free courses on programming. It’s designed for students and adults who’d like to learn the basics of computer languages, such as Javascript, JQuery, and SQL. 

    Everything’s self-paced and comes with many resources you can use, including videos, exercises, articles, and programs. It’s web-based so you can access it from your computer or mobile devices.


    This is an app designed for children but does an excellent job of teaching you the basics of how to code and visual scripting. Visual coding is on the rise, thanks to Unreal Engine’s infamous blueprint system. 

    If your goal is to create video games, then Tynker can help you to learn the mechanics of coding. It does this using a simple drag-and-drop concept. After building your game stage, you get to play it to ensure it works properly. 

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    Tynker walks you through each part to help you understand faster. Once you’re ready for something more complex, you can try the programs designed for older children and teens. 

    Tynker has some free courses, but you’ll have to pay to upgrade to unlock more programs. Languages you can learn include JavaScript, Python, CSS, and HTML. 

    It’s also worth noting that you can use Tynker for robotics. You download the app to your Android or iOS tablet and can control a drone or droid that you program. If you’re only using it for video games, then you can use your computer or mobile device. 

    As for the rates, it starts at $60 billed quarterly. There’s also the option to pay $120 per year or $240 for lifetime access. 


    Some people learn how to code better with gamification. If that sounds like you, then Codewars has a martial arts theme that comes with a variety of challenges known as “kata”. As you complete these katas, you unlock more advanced lessons. At the same time, you’re earning ranks and honor. 

    You get to choose between various coding languages, like SQL, Crystal, Java, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, and more. Then there’s a community of developers you can leverage to help you get through your katas and strengthen your skills. Begin with one language, then opt to learn others to enhance your employability. 

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    After mastering your skills, you can author your own katas and challenge the community (like an actual martial arts dojo!). 

    This platform is available online and is free to use. 


    Learning in bite-size can make it easier to remember complex concepts like you’ll find in computer programming. That’s what makes Encode a desirable Android-only app for learning how to code. 

    It’s ideal for those who are busy (mentally or physically) by making it easy to learn minutes at a time. However, as you progress to the more advanced lessons, things may take a little longer. 

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    You get to learn in-demand languages, such as JavaScript. Every lesson is interactive and you receive feedback to help you better understand what you just learned. 


    If you need a more versatile app, then give SoloLearn a visit. This application works on both iOS and Android devices. If you prefer to learn on your computer, you can use the website. 

    There are several programming languages to choose from, including Python, JavaScript, and Java. It comes with a buzzing community forum where you can ask and answer questions from other students. 

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    Then for you competitive-spirited beings, there’s a leaderboard right on the site. There’s a tab for top learners, which updates in real-time based on how many points you have. You earn these by completing more course hours. 

    You can top the global leaderboard or course-related leaderboards (i.e. for specifically C# or Javascript). It’d also be wise to use this leaderboard to find the leaders in the language you’re learning so you know who to ask for help from.

    Then your profile comes with a list of achievements to unlock, such as:

    • Developer (getting 10 upvotes on your code)
    • Good Answer (getting 5 upvotes for your answer)
    • Good Citizen (leaving a comment on a lesson or quiz)
    • Guru (winning 500 challenges using one weapon)

    Gamification is the way of the future of learning, so if this interests you, then give it a whirl.

    Start Learning How To Code Today

    Most of the platforms on this list are free to use, so there’s no excuse not to become a pro coder. There are apps for the busybodies and others for those who learn best through games. 

    Whatever your motivations and learning styles, there’s a program for you.

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