One question I’ve been asked a lot from friends is how to move a photo or set of photos from one album on Facebook to another? Well, it’s actually fairly straight-forward and I’ll answer that question in this post. To get started, open Facebook and then click on your name to see your Timeline.

facebook timeline

Click on Photos and then click on the album that has the pictures you want to move to a different album.

facebook album

Now click on the Edit Album link at the top right. This will bring you to another page where you can reorganize the photos, edit the tags, dates, etc.

move photos facebook

Now hover your mouse over the picture you want to move. You’ll see a small button with a down arrow appear at the top right. Click on that and you’ll see the option Move to other album.

move to other album

A pop up will appear where you can choose the other album you want to move the photo to:

move photo album

Click Move Photo and you’re done. Unfortunately, you have to do this for each picture. I have not found a way to move multiple photos at once to a different album. So that’s our quick tip for the day. Enjoy!