Self isolation can have serious consequences on a person’s mental well-being. Whether as an introvert purposely distancing ourselves from social interaction, or being forced into it due to a quarantine or lockdown, the damage to our psyche could lead to severe psychological complications.

Even if we feel that dealing with other people can be irritating at times, humans are hardwired to interact with others. Thankfully, technology may bridge the gap between social interaction and self isolation.

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    Maintaining communication with others is important. Below, we’ve provided a few ways that technology can be used to combat the issues that come with social distancing and self isolation.

    8 Best Tech Ideas To Cope With Self Isolation

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    There are plenty of different things we can do to cope with self isolation and social distancing that will keep us sane. We no longer need to be in the same room or country as someone in order to engage socially with them.

    Here are a few things we can do that will help us pass the time during a period of physical social exodus.

    Make A Phone Call

    Let’s start with something simple. Living in the days of email and text, which are also good options for social interaction during isolation, we often forget that our phone’s primary function is to make calls. We’ve gotten so used to using our phones for YouTube videos and social media, that making a call to convey our thoughts can sometimes feel awkward. 

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    Sometimes, the sound of a friend or family member’s voice is all we really need to get through a trying time. Don’t be afraid to reach out with a phone call every once in a while. We might be surprised by the results.

    Use Social Media

    The use of social media is widespread the world over. We’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have at least one account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter these days.

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    As toxic as these cesspools of ignorance and vanity can become, we’re likely to find friends and family on these platforms. This makes it much easier to keep in touch and converse on a daily basis. Text doesn’t always convey the proper tone in a message, but with the help of photos and video, we can make things clearer with an upload.

    Speaking of uploads…

    Record A Video Or Live Stream

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    Times of self isolation and social distancing are perfect for getting our YouTube and Twitch careers up and running. Grab a decent webcam and microphone, and get to work on our craft. Not only does the creative process provide plenty of work to occupy our time, but the social aspect is there as well. 

    After posting a video, there’s still the comments section to read, where we can actively engage with our followers. The same can be said for the live chat available on the Twitch platform. Staying active and consistent will see viewership soar to new heights.

    Play A Video Game

    Gaming can be a great source of fun when we’re unable to get outside. Online game library platforms like Steam and EpicGames allow us to purchase and play top titles by downloading them to our PC. Console gaming is also an option if we have a stack of games we’ve been allowing to pile up untouched.

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    We can make social connections with online games by getting a group of friends together using the in-game chat provided, if available, or third-party VoIP software such as Discord, TeamSpeak3, and Mumble.

    Join An Online Chat Group

    There are other ways of chatting within a group online. Something as simple as setting up a Google Hangout, Skype call, or FaceTime could achieve the same effect. 

    Set aside time with a friend, or group of friends, to get online and chat, and turn it into an online party. Website chat groups like Google Groups and InstaChatRooms are also available.

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    For those who prefer an indirect approach, there are plenty of online forums to throw our two cents. They’re also a great place to discover other people interested in a similar niche. Google search a hobby or topic and look for a forum where it’s discussed.

    Shared-Screen Movie Nights

    Sticking with the VoIP theme, utilizing the screen-share feature from platforms like Skype, Discord, and Zoom could help us set up a night of cinema or a full day of binge watching our favorite shows on Netflix with a friend or family member.

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    The person who’s hosting the movies will need to be the screen everyone connects to. We’ll be able to laugh, cry, and discuss what just happened in The Walking Dead while not even being in the same room.

    TV Dongles And Subscription Services

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    More of a soloist when it comes to binge watching? There are TV dongles from the likes of Roku and Amazon Fire TV that provide access to apps, music, TV shows, and movies. Then, of course, there are subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu that have plenty of movies and shows to get lost in for weeks.

    eBooks and Audiobooks

    Another thing we could get absorbed in during a lengthy period of self isolation is a good book. Yes, people still read more than just blog articles and Twitter feeds. High-fantasy, science-fiction, history, crime-thriller, drama. No matter our preferred interest, there’s a book out there that will capture our attention.

    There’s something about holding an actual book in our hands that just feels right. The feel of the spine, turning each page using our own fingers, the weight, the smell. It’s something we can’t experience with an eBook or audiobook. However, self isolation usually means that there’s no running out to the store to purchase that newly released paperback. So, these will have to do.

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    eBooks and audiobooks are a matter of convenience. We can scroll through thousands of titles that Amazon’s Kindle and Audible libraries hold in order to find the perfect prose of our choice. Then, read or listen to every line from the comfort of our computer, tablet, smartphone, or eReader screen. It’s not the same as a real book, but it will do in a pinch.

    Hopefully, as cities and businesses open back up, we’ll all be able to reduce our reliance on tech and go back to meeting and hanging out with people in person. Until then, get faster internet to handle all of these online activities!

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