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Disable Adobe Flash On Your PC & Why You Would Want To

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If you haven’t done it already, you should be disabling Flash on your computer. Although it is run by the trusted Adobe, it is nevertheless an outdated and unsafe piece of software. Adobe Flash is something which used to be absolutely essential for things like watching online videos (such as YouTube) and playing online games. […]

How to Change Your WordPress Login Page URL For Better Security

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I recently discussed how to make your WordPress site harder to break into. But while those are solid options, they at at the basic level. Now it’s time to do something which ratchets up the security more than just a notch. Change your website’s login page link. WordPress is a great system but one of […]

How To Set Up Full Disk Encryption On Windows With Bitlocker

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Whether it’s protection against hacking, protection against snoopers who are living under your roof, or protection against someone who steals your laptop in Starbucks, encryption is something that all computer users should be taking advantage of. But when people hear the word “encryption”, they suddenly get apprehensive, thinking it involves coding, the command line, and […]

How To Make It Harder For Someone To Hack Into Your WordPress Site

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If you have a WordPress site, the chances are your site is being attacked by hackers all the time. They are constantly looking for weaknesses that will let them in, whether it’s an out-of-date plugin or theme or an easy-to-figure out password. Once they are in, they can obviously wreak havoc. Just to prove what […]