Site Kit Brings All Of Google’s SEO Tools Under One WordPress Roof

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Since Google is a search engine company, it is only natural that they are bursting at the seams with SEO tools to improve the ranking of your domain. Whether that’s Analytics, Adsense, Adwords, Search Console, or Tag Manager, Google wants to make your life as easy as possible, getting the best possible ranking for your […]

Check Out Our Revamped Social Media Pages

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Normally spring-cleaning is done….well, in the spring. But lately, we have been giving the whole shop a bit of a dusting and clean out – in particular with our social media channels. Starting from today, you will now be notified on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn when we have published something. You can also do your […]

How To Reset Your Windows Machine When It Starts To Get Sluggish

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In earlier incarnations of Windows, if you wanted to reinstall the system, you needed to be deeply knowledgeable in how the operating system worked. I personally had to get my brother-in-law (who is an IT admin) to do it for me as it was way beyond my skill-set. But with Windows 10, things suddenly got […]

How To Find Out Where Those Short URLs Point To

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With the popularity of social media and affiliate links, turning a long URL into a short one is essential. Even when Twitter increased the character count to 280, space was at a premium and brevity mattered. So being able to shorten your links is necessary. But there is a darker side to short URLs too […]

How To Activate Google Inactive Account Manager

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As the cheerful old saying goes, there are only two things certain in life – death and taxes. And it pays to be extremely prepared for both, especially if you are very active online. After all, if the Grim Reaper touched you on the shoulder tomorrow, think about all your accounts sitting there online still […]

5 Portable Apps You Definitely Want To Have On Your USB Stick

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I have a bit of a soft spot for portable apps. They require no installation on your computer and can be run on a USB stick. This means your computer can stay free of all the dross files which gradually accumulates from installed software. But the downside is that portable apps are only for Windows […]

Linux Live USB Creator Lets You Create Linux OS’ On The Fly

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If you are an open-source fan, you are probably also a Linux fan. Linux is the largest open-source project in the world with hundreds of different versions available depending on your needs. These versions – known as “distros” – are very easy to install, especially if you choose to run them from a USB stick. […]

How To Rip Your DVDs & Blu-Rays Effortlessly With MakeMKV

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Whatever the dubious legality surrounding it is all about, I would argue that you have every right to make a digital backup (“rip”) of your legally bought DVDs and Blu-Rays. Discs do not last forever so you need to have a digital backup sitting on your hard-drive just in case. As long as you don’t […]

How To Restore Accidentally Deleted Digital Files

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We’ve all done it. We’ve sat there deleting files on our computer and our finger forgot to stop tapping the mouse. Pretty soon, we’ve discovered that we’ve deleted more than we meant to and those important work files or family pictures are now gone. Is it time to cry? Time for a stiff drink? Well […]

The Easiest Way To Back Up Your Windows Computer

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Computers break down and die all the time. It’s a fact of life. In fact, the Windows computer I am currently writing this on is groaning and flailing, and will likely give up its fight for life fairly soon. After 7 years, it’s time. This is why you must always back up everything on your […]