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Can’t Change Date and Time in Windows 7?

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change date and time.png

I recently ran into a problem on one of my Windows 7 machines where I could not change the date and time. Every time I clicked on the Change Date and Time dialog box shown below, I kept getting an error message. The message that kept popping up was: Unable to continue. You do not […]

Blue Screen of Death BSOD Restarts Too Fast in Windows 7

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I recently got a blue screen of death (BSOD) error on a Windows 7 computer. However, upon restarting the computer and adjusting BIOS settings, the BSOD error would still display, but the computer was restarting so quickly that I didn’t have time to analyze the specific BSOD error codes. In other words, the BSOD screen […]

System Restore Points Missing in Windows 7?

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system protection .png

I recently ran into a problem where all my restore points in Windows 7 were disappearing. If I created a system restore point and then restarted the PC, the restore point would be gone! I could not figure out why this was happening, but after doing some research I managed to get the problem fixed. […]

Lost Windows 7 Install Disc? Create a New One From Scratch

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If you’ve misplaced your Windows 7 install disc, which may be the actual discs that came with your PC or a retail Windows 7 install disc that you bought separately, then reinstalling Windows can be a bit frustrating. However, there is a very simple way to create your own Windows 7 install disc for Home […]

Create a Custom Windows 7 Install Image

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Creating a customized Windows 7 image can be accomplished using a few different methods and Microsoft even supplies some tips for creating unique and custom Windows 7 deployments. However, many of these custom imaging methods revolve around straight enterprise structure, which may require several workstations, a master PC and Windows 7 Enterprise edition. For non-enterprise […]

Tips for Adding Printers in Windows 7

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I recently ran into a driver problem when attempting to install a printer in Windows 7. The printer had previously been installed in Windows XP (on the same machine) and was working fine, but after upgrading to 7, Windows would detect the printer on the network, but not print! The printer was an older HP […]

Fix NT Kernel & System Process CPU Usage in Windows 7

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I recently ran into a strange problem where a process called System (NT Kernel & System) was using about 15 to 30 percent of the CPU on my Windows 7 machine all the time. In the above screenshot, System is using 0 percent CPU, which is how it normally should be. The system process basically […]

Fix Windows Explorer Window Opening on Startup

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explorer libraries.png

I recently ran into a really annoying problem on my Windows 7 64-bit PC: every time I restarted it and booted into Windows, the Windows Explorer Libraries window would pop up. It never occurred before and I could not pinpoint any particular software or update that I had installed that would cause it to start […]

Remove Dotted Border Around Icons on Windows Desktop

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes Windows will give your desktop icons a dotted line border? It’s really annoying and definitely doesn’t look good with the neat and sleek Aero interface. Her’e what I mean: Grrrr! I’m one of those picky Windows users who likes things to be a certain way and I just hate […]

Use Netstat to See Listening Ports and PID in Windows

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Being in IT for almost 8 years, I quickly learned that the netstat command in Windows can be of great benefit if you know how to use it! Even though I don’t work in IT anymore, that command still comes in handy a lot of times. For instance, my Internet connection was running really slow […]