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Check All Hyperlinks in a MS Word Document in Seconds

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When writing a long term paper, company manual, or other long document in Word, it is almost impossible to avoid inserting hyperlinks. Hyperlinks to relevant Web pages can make a […]

Prevent Access to the Command Prompt in Windows

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The Windows Command Prompt is a robust solution for administrators to quickly and easily keep a system up and running smoothly. It’s rare that the average user has a use […]

Add Bookmarks Toolbar Button to Google Chrome

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By default, the only bookmarks button on the Google Chrome toolbar is a small star at the end of address bar, which allows you to add a new bookmark or […]

Fix Missing System Restore Points in Windows Vista and 7

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If you have no restore points on your Windows Vista or 7 computer, then Windows may not be creating the restore points automatically. There are a number of different problems […]

How to Customize Word’s Paste Function

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One of the most common things computer user’s do is cut, copy and paste stuff. When you’re cutting or copying from one place in a document to another, there’s not […]

Generate a System Health Report in Windows 7 to Check for Errors

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Among Windows 7’s more underused and unknown features is the Resource and Performance Monitor. With it, administrators can generate a system health report that indicates failure to pass a series […]

Remove the Desktop Cleanup Wizard from Windows 7

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The Desktop Cleanup Wizard is a utility that ships with all versions of Windows 7 and is designed to help you keep your Desktop neat and tidy. The utility does […]

Edit ID3 Tags in Linux and Windows With EasyTAG

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Previously, we talked about ripping and encoding CDs; here, we’ll cover how to make sure those files are properly tagged.  We’ll do this using a program called EasyTAG. First, though, […]

Run Old DOS Games and Programs in Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10

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Many improvements have come with the most recent versions of Windows. Unfortunately, along with these improvements, support for running certain DOS programs has been lost. For those who are attached […]

Create Keyboard Shortcut to Access Safely Remove Hardware Dialog

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If you use USB devices, such as USB thumb drives or external USB hard drives a lot, you are most likely very familiar with using the Safely Remove Hardware icon […]