Collaborate on a Document in Real Time using

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Ever wanted to quickly get a couple of people together looking at the same document online and being able to make edits and collaborate on it? Maybe you want a family member to check out your resume and make edits in real time while you chat about it? Or maybe you are having a meeting […]

Move Photos to a Different Album in Facebook

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One question I’ve been asked a lot from friends is how to move a photo or set of photos from one album on Facebook to another? Well, it’s actually fairly straight-forward and I’ll answer that question in this post. To get started, open Facebook and then click on your name to see your Timeline. Click […]

Tips for Adding Printers in Windows 7

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I recently ran into a driver problem when attempting to install a printer in Windows 7. The printer had previously been installed in Windows XP (on the same machine) and was working fine, but after upgrading to 7, Windows would detect the printer on the network, but not print! The printer was an older HP […]

Change Default Media Player and Photo Viewer in Windows 8

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I’ve been running Windows 8 for a few weeks now and I recently ran into an issue when trying to play some video files. I take a lot of video from my Panasonic HD camcorder and the files are all .M2TS files, which the Video app in Windows 8 can play, but not Windows Media […]

Turn on Fast Startup Missing in Windows 8 Power Options?

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If you have a PC running Windows 8, you definitely want to make sure your machine is booting as fast as possible. By default, Windows 8 enables a feature called Fast Startup or Hybrid Shutdown that can load Windows 8 as quickly as 7 seconds on certain hardware. Basically, it performs a partial hibernation of […]

Benchmark Hard Drive Performance with HD Tune

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Looking for a quick and easy way to check the performance of your hard drive? Maybe you just swapped out an old SATA drive for a new SSD? Want to make sure that the SSD actually is giving you some real performance benefits? Well, you can use a program called HD Tune to monitor your […]

How to Tell if a Folder is Shared in Windows 8

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Starting in Windows 7 and continuing into Windows 8, Microsoft has removed the feature whereby when you shared a folder, it would change the folder icon so that you could immediately tell it was being shared. Instead, they moved this info to the Details pane, which is shown at the bottom of Windows Explorer in […]

Create a Multiple Operating System Bootable USB Drive

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If you work in IT or offer your own IT services, you probably install and reinstall operating systems for clients quite often. Traditionally, operating system installs have been deployed directly from an OS install disc, but because discs get scratched or damaged so easily, most people in IT use USB drives. This is a more […]

Get Windows 8 Explorer in Windows 7

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in Windows 8, one thing I really like is the new ribbon interface in Explorer. I know there are a lot of people that probably hate it, but for some reason I do like the ribbon look in Office and now in Explorer on Windows 8. It’s just easier to click on those buttons than […]

Fix NT Kernel & System Process CPU Usage in Windows 7

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I recently ran into a strange problem where a process called System (NT Kernel & System) was using about 15 to 30 percent of the CPU on my Windows 7 machine all the time. In the above screenshot, System is using 0 percent CPU, which is how it normally should be. The system process basically […]