How To Use a Video As Your Wallpaper On Windows 10

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7 Apps To Fake Your GPS Location On Android

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How To Disable Windows 10 Telemetry

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With data breaches and malware infections on the rise, taking your data privacy seriously is now more essential than ever. Without adequate protection in place, you’re leaking data about yourself […]

How To Fix a Broken Windows Keyboard Key

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How To Change Your Mouse Speed In Windows 10

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HDG Explains: How Does WiFi Work?

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WiFi is a wireless networking technology that lets you connect your WiFi-enabled devices to a local network. Using WiFi you can transfer data between local network devices or connect to […]

How To Fix a Stuck Windows 10 Update

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If you’re connecting your PC to the internet, you’ll need to keep it up-to-date. Microsoft regularly issues important security updates, bug fixes, and new feature releases for Windows 10 to […]

8 Best Windows 10 Themes For The Coolest Windows Environment

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How To Use Flash Fill In Excel

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Trying to fill out cells in Excel that incorporate text or data from multiple other cells in a sheet can be a very time consuming process. This is especially true […]

The Best Firewall For Windows 10 That Isn’t Windows Defender

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If you use a Windows PC, you already have a free firewall as part of a suite of security tools in Windows Defender. The built-in firewall in Windows 10 is […]