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How to Add Google Analytics to Wix

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Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy, once said, “Measure everything of significance. I swear this is true. Anything that is measured and watched improves.” He understood the importance of the collection […]

How To Tell If Your Android Phone Is Hacked

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Our smartphones are incredibly personal devices. With access to just about all the information anyone of a criminal bent could want. This is why getting your phone stolen is a […]

How to Reset a PS4 Controller

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At some point while owning a Sony PS4 console, you may come across an unfortunate circumstance where your controller doesn’t work. Although the DualShock 4 controllers are highly revered for […]

Android Screen Time: How It Works and Setting It Up

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Android Screen Time is part of Google’s Family Link service, which helps you limit the amount of time kids spend on their gadgets. Plus, it also helps you keep track […]

How to Change Fonts in WordPress

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A great way to add some branding and individualism to your WordPress site is to change the fonts in your theme. Typography and other banding elements create a good first […]

FreeSync vs G-Sync: Display Technology Explained

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If you have spent any time at all debating between monitors, then you’ve encountered the terms “G-Sync” and “FreeSync.” Unless you are a gamer looking for better performance, the terms […]

How to Replace Color in Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image editor. Although, if you’re looking to go beyond simple image modifications like cropping or blurring your photo, you need to know your way around […]

How To Create a Windows Service

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Sometimes you need an app or script to keep running whether you’re logged into your computer or not. Maybe it’s a PowerShell script to monitor ports or a web server […]

How to Fix a Discord Fatal Javascript Error

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Discord is a great platform for communities, whether it’s to play your favorite games, make friends, organize meetups, and to share ideas with like-minded individuals. You can use Discord in […]

How to Create and Run a Macro in Word

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If you work with Microsoft Word a lot and find yourself doing the same things repeatedly, create a macro. Macro is a shortening of the word macroinstruction, which means a […]