How to Customize Windows 10: A Complete Guide

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Windows has come a long way from the days of Windows 3.1. Not only is the modern Windows 10 operating system nice to look at, it also has plenty of […]

How to Create a Windows 10 Guest Account

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One of the most important rules of Windows 10 user management is to use a secure password on your account. You shouldn’t share your password with other PC users, especially […]

6 Best Disk Space Analyzers To Find Lost Gigabytes

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What Is Microsoft Publisher? A Beginner’s Guide

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Do you want to design flyers, brochures, or cards, and publish it on your own? Microsoft Publisher might be the program that’s best suited for this if you are on […]

What To Do If Windows 10 Action Center Won’t Open

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Windows 10 Action Center is a central place that collects and shows system notifications and gives quick access to different settings on your computer.  If disabled, Windows 10 action center […]

How To Turn Off Notifications In Windows 10

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With all the apps on our mobile devices and computers today, it’s hard to keep up with all the updates, messages, and new features. Worse still, each app comes with […]

How To Use Your TV As an Extended Monitor Without Casting

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In most cases, when they want to use a TV as an extended monitor, people will run a long HDMI cable from their computer over to the TV set. That’s […]

How To Change Your Username On Windows 10

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When you set up a new Windows 10 PC, one of the things you’ll need to do is select a username. During setup, you may pick a random or temporary […]

What Is WinRAR? How It Differs From WinZip

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If you’ve ever had to unzip a file, you’re likely familiar with either WINRAR or WinZip. Both are utilities designed to either compress or extract data from compressed files, but […]

Looking for a USB Virus Scanner? Here are 5 To Try

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It’s happened to everyone: Somehow, your computer got infected and now it won’t even start. Rather than take it directly to a repair shop and pay an exorbitant amount, try […]